Cleansing diet for vegetarians

Keep in mind that a vegetarian cleansing diet cannot be maintained for more than three days in a row, so you have to be constant in it.

It is always good to do a cleansing diet because toxins are eliminated and the body appreciates it . In addition, changes are not only noticeable on the inside, but also on the outside, since the hair will shine more strongly as well as the nails will grow with more resistance and the skin will look much more vitaminized . Do not forget to drink 1.5 liters of water a day, since that also helps, in addition, to keep the body hydrated, to maintain a balance in the body . If you drink more than a liter and a half much better, but at least that amount, so it is advisable to always carry a bottle of water to be able to drink from time to time.

On the other hand, a cleansing diet of any kind, in general terms, helps to maintain a strong immune system , eliminates the fatigue that the skin reflects, swelling, … and also loses a lot of calories. A vegetarian cleansing diet serves to cleanse the body and provide the necessary nutrients for the proper functioning of the organs, and above all it helps to improve the quality of life .

Benefits of a cleansing vegetarian diet

There are many benefits when it comes to this diet , since it helps to reduce cholesterol levels quite effectively as it happens with triglycerides. In turn, it helps reduce blood pressure . It also improves physical and mental performance, in turn increasing the quality of sleep that encourages a good rest. Optimizes metabolism: gastric, liver, intestinal and kidney, among others.

The organism will be strengthened before any loss of defenses so it will be more difficult to fall ill, since the body has the necessary nutrients and reserves to face especially the times of low temperatures where the flu and the colds lurk more strongly .

It should be noted that there are certain foods that are prohibited in this diet such as industrial pastries, sweets, snacks, soft drinks, or any processed food, especially fried. Meat is also prohibited , dairy, chocolate and alcohol. In turn, on the other hand, foods that must be included in a purifying vegetarian diet are vegetables, greens, fruits, nuts, olive or sunflower oil, lemon or homemade bread, among others.

Cleansing recipes for vegetarians

The first thing is to start planning the days on which the cleansing diet is going to be carried out in order to keep track and not repeat foods, and that in that way it is a varied and not monotonous diet. The first day, (since there are usually three days of a cleansing vegetarian diet, no more), the following will be eaten for breakfast: You can start the day with a tea or an infusion with a lemon wedge, since this has many antiseptic properties to cleanse the body , especially on an empty stomach. A natural fruit juice, for example grapefruit or orange to accompany. At midmorning a skimmed yogurt.

To eat , a vegetable soup or fruit salad (you can change it for a tomato juice). Second, a green salad dressed with extra virgin olive oil and a splash of lemon. For dessert, a seasonal fruit. For dinner , a cup of vegetable soup or a plate of fresh steamed vegetables.

On the second day, you can choose another natural juice of any fruit accompanied by a glass of water with lemon . Mid-morning, some oatmeal pancakes. Then at lunchtime pureed vegetables (green beans, pumpkin, leeks or any other vegetable) and second, some steamed vegetables . For dessert, just like the day before, a fruit or failing that, a fruit salad. For dinner, a mushroom soup alongside a plate of garlic green beans .

Finally, to finish the cleansing vegetarian diet , you will have breakfast the same as the previous days. A glass of water on an empty stomach with a splash of lemon, always natural, of course, and a fruit juice with a tea or infusion. In the middle of the morning or oat cake or fruit and to eat a green salad with tomatoes, dressed with extra virgin olive oil, and for dessert an infusion of green tea. To finish the diet, dinner will be a plate of broccoli or a vegetable stew . The body will appreciate it.

Supplementing the diet with exercise

You always have to accompany any type of diet with a little exercise, therefore going for a run, even 15-20 minutes a day, will be enough for the body to also eliminate more calories and feel strengthened. Do not forget to warm up to avoid any type of injury. If, for example, you don’t like running very much, you can always walk fast so that the body is not stopped and breaks with sedentary lifestyle. Any gesture to do any type of activity the body will appreciate it, thus improving the quality of life and especially of rest.

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