How to make a complete and healthy salad

This is the recipe that is usually used to accompany a main dish or to have a light dinner. But you have to be very attentive to the ingredients that we add to it

Salad is the food par excellence if what you want to make is a healthy meal and still keep your line. Over time, many products have been added to such a recipe, but you have to be very careful, since by integrating more than one it may not be as healthy as we think. Salad is an element that is usually used as a companion to another dish for a meal at noon, or as a light dinner at night.

Among the keys to follow to make the perfect salad, you have to keep in mind that you have to use fresh products , as these will give them a very different flavor. It is also very important not to mix ingredients by mixing as the salad can become a very strong and heavy food.

Dressing is also an important way of deciding how healthy you want your salad to be. Currently there are many types of dressings such as Caesar sauce or Mexican sauce. For this part, the most recommended dressing is a good jet of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with a pinch of salt and vinegar to taste.


Recommended ingredients for the perfect salad

    • Lettuce . It is very important that it be bought natural and unpackaged, since the one that comes in bags does not usually have the same flavor as the natural ones sold in any greengrocer. Lettuce is a main element that is usually included in this recipe every time it is made. This ingredient contains vitamin A, B and C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and trace elements and is low in caloric content . So this ingredient will become a fundamental piece for your recipe.
    • Tomato or cherry tomato . The natural tomato is an element rich in vitamins and minerals that contains properties such as vitamin A, K, iron and potassium. This product is very beneficial for health so it will also become a top ten ingredient for salad.There are people who prefer to consume cherry tomatoes before normal ones. These firsts tend to have a sweeter and more flavorful flavor . In addition, this variety of tomatoes includes the same properties as a normal tomato but in a much smaller size.
    • Pepino . Cucumber is a great ally for people who plan to lose a few extra kilos since it has hardly any caloric content and is a fruit that is made up mostly of water. This ingredient contains vitamin C and vitamins of group B.\
    • Fresh cheese . This type of cheese is the most recommended of all since its fat content is very low, making it a great ally for diets. This ingredient contains a large number of properties as it is rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A and sodium. Although it may not have much flavor on its own, mixing it with the other elements of the salad will give it a very tasty touch.
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil . Although it may seem not, the difference between Extra Virgin Olive Oil and one from another brand is very great. The first will offer a great flavor and taste on your palate. Although there is also an economic difference between the two, the end result will change a lot with one and the other. This element is also very important and beneficial for health as it controls cholesterol, improves circulation, is low in calories, fights diabetes, is good for the skin and supports the immune system.
    • Vinegar . This ingredient will depend on the consumer’s taste , since there are people for whom vinegar does not turn out to be their best ally . This is usually due to its strong flavor, although a few drops of this will always do not hurt to give it more flavor. In addition, there are different ways to find it, both in liquid and cream, depending on the texture you prefer for your food. In addition, vinegar is an antioxidant, prevents diabetes, and contains a low amount of calories.The apple cider vinegar is another option that prefers a lot of people and it also contains a lot of varieties.
  • Olives . This ingredient contains a multitude of proteins such as minerals, phosphorus, iron and magnesium, vitamins A and B. Although it is not recommended to stuff yourself with olives, the consumption of a few of them is recommended and combines very well in your salad.

Other possible ingredients

If you want to give your food a different or more exotic flavor so that it is not so boring, you can add the following ingredients:

    • Strawberries . This is an element that has been integrated into the traditional salad and that makes an explosion of flavors . This fruit can be perfectly integrated in a salad with lettuce, fresh cheese, vinegar, and almonds.
    • Aguacate . This is an element that has become fashionable and has been incorporated into a large number of meals and at breakfast. Avocado can be well integrated into a salad with tomato, lettuce, almonds, onion and vinegar.
  • Salmon . This ingredient is very beneficial and healthy and can also be added to the perfect salad. Along with the lettuce, vinegar and some sesame seeds this will be a different salad with a great flavor.
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